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  1)Alabama Crim Tide   19)Hawaii Rainbows   37)Navy Midshipmen   55)Stanford
  2)Arizona Wildcats   20)Illinois State   38)Nebraska   56)Syracuse
  3)AR Razorbacks   21)Indiana Hoosiers   39)Nevada Wolfpack   57)Temple Owls
  4)Auburn Tigers   22)Indiana State   40)New Mexico   58)Tennessee Vols
  5)Baylor Bears   23)Iowa Hawkeyes   41)NC State   59)Texas A & M
  6)Boston College   24)Iowa State   42)NC Tar Heels   60)Texas Longhorns
  7)Bradly University   25)Kansas   43)Northwestern   61)UCLA
  8)Central Michigan   26)Kansas State   44)Notre Dame   62)Ole Miss
  9)Cincinnati   27)Kentucky   45)Ohio State   63)UNLV Rebels
  10)Clemson Tigers   28)Louisville   46)Oklahoma   64)USC Trojans
  11)Colorado   29)Maryland   47)Oregon Ducks   65)Utah
  12)Colorado State   30)Memphis Tigers   48)Oregon State Beavers   66)Vanderbilt
  13)Duke Blue Devils   31)Miami Hurricanes   49)Penn State   67)Virginia Cavaliers
  14)East Carolina   32)Michigan State   50)Pittsburgh   68)Wake Forest
  15)Florida Gators   33)Michigan   51)Purdue   69)Wash. State
  16)Florida Seminoles   34)Minnesota   52)Rutgers   70)Wisconsin
  17)Georgia Bulldogs   35)Mississippi State   53)SC Gamecocks  
  18)Georgia Tech   36)Missouri Tigers   54)Southern Miss  
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As a licensed Ticket Broker we make sure that every Cheap NCAA Football Tickets order is processed with our secure online ticket ordering system. Once you purchase your College Football Tickets from us you will receive an invoice from us with a fedex tracking number via e-mail. This allows our customers to track their Cheap NCAA Football tickets once they buy them online.

Our Ticket Broker website has every major College Football Team Nationwide. Find Tickets, LLC has grouped Popular links together by type, and then provided links to their own pages. This allows our customers to select the Cheapest College Football Tickets that they are interested in and go directly to them. We Also boast some of the largest Cheap College Football tickets databases on the Internet.

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